Improving financial health of the urban underserved

5 pillars to improve the Financial Health of the underserved - One Account with Lakshya provides access all products

Manage exigency

- Higher than savings bank returns
- Emergency access in 5 mins
- Health insurance apibus leo.

Build assets to achieve life goals

- Suitable long term investment products
- digital gold

Pension for old age

-Investment in national pension scheme
-Assured income in the old age

Credit for income variation & livelihood improvements

- Unsecured credit at competitive rates

- Unsecured credit at competitive rates

- Support to access government benefits
- ITR filing

A Digital Platform for the Bharat Segment

80% indians work in the informal sector. Lakshya enables associations trusts, foundations, enteprises etc. who work with target segment to extend suitable financial solutions and literacy at no additional efforts.

Pick and choose financial products for their users

Full / partial sponsor insurance products for staff

Complete Loyalty

Complete privacy of customer data

Our Solutions

Digital Product Literacy
- Financial Product Literacy
- Short and concise
- In users' language
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Emergency Savings
- Savings in low risk debt mutual fund
- Save as low as Rs. 5 /day
- No penalty if missed to save
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Digital Investment in Gold
- Save in digital gold
- Save as low as Rs. 100
- Redeem any time in cash/ coin / jewellary
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Income Protection
- Compensation in case of hospitalisation
- Get upto Rs. 2000 per day
- Premium as low as Rs. 150/ member/year
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- Secure family against any medical
expenses up to Rs. 5 lac
- Full support in any claim process
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- Invest as low as Rs. 500 per month
- Secured income in the retirement
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Loan against Savings
- Get loan against your gold savings with Lakshya
- Loan upto 80% of gold value
- Competitive rates
- One click lending
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Unsecured Loan
- Loan based on savings transactions with Lakshya
- Short duration loan up to 3 months
- Loan amount Rs. 5000-10,000
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Our Customers

Self Employed: Auto & Cab Drivers, Retail Shop Keepers

Salaried: Guards, Office Staff

Gig Economy and Blue Collar Workers

A Simple & Intuitive Mobile App

Our Partners

What our customers say about us...


When Lakshya approached me about their plan I felt very good. I am saving for my son’s education… I want him to be a doctor. He is already doing well in his studies!


When the first emergency happened, I remembered: I am saving, we have some money in the bank. Lakshya gives me confidence and comfort.


If you have dreams, you need to save money to make those dreams happen. I was referred to Lakshya by a colleague of mine. Lakshya is good because unlike the other ones, they remember us.

Naagrajan PA

When I heard about Lakshya and their savings product, I felt that it could be very useful for auto drivers and I could improve my life with them. I am saving with Lakshya to purchase my own auto.